Collen toasts 200th at RDS

Collen toasts 200th at RDS

30/09/2010 | The Irish Times

One of Ireland’s oldest construction companies, Collen, has appropriately chosen the main hall of the RDS in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, as the venue to celebrate its 200th anniversary on October 14th.

The same impressive hall was built by Collen Brothers in 1880 at a cost of £11,689. The work was completed in seven months. So impressed was the RDS with the results that it invited Collen back to develop the main building at the front of the site between 1926 and 1928.

Although the construction business generally has taken a major hit in the past two years, Collen still has plenty of ongoing work, ranging from the building of a glasshouse for the Australian Ambassador to a €50 million social housing contract in Tyrrellstown, west Dublin.

One of the highlights of the upcoming celebrations will be the launch of “A History of the Collen Family Business 1810-2010” by Dr. John Walsh.


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